I finished the circle— back to the beginning. You can read/see/hear about my year on “A Year At Sea” post archive on Transom.org. Check it out here: http://transom.org/?cat=63

Now I’m making the transition to production mode. I’m now on the hunt for collaborators, outlets, and funding. I want to create a team: a couple more producers, an editor, and a web guy/gal. Then, I’m going to need to round up funds to pay us well for our time. The first item in the line-up is a series of audio portraits of some of the men and women I sailed with. That will form the building blocks for other audio and multimedia work.

Get in touch with me if you want to collaborate and/or if you have ideas for where to look for resources (i/e, space, support, $$, etc!)

 And stay tuned for more stories in the coming months.